Misfits (Collab Poem)

Writing My Heart Out

Oh! You’re here too.

Another stranger, but the same dilemma.

You’re not alone, I’m a misfit as well.

It’s difficult pleasing everyone in this world today.

Do opposites really attract?

Because we really are.

You are fluent in talking,

While I’m fluent in silence.

Trying so hard to be perfect, to be liked by all,

Its not easy, makes me feel like I don’t belong.

We share the same crisis, but who has the answer!

After all aren’t we all in the same race of finding ourselves?

So let’s just stop running this race,

Sit together, and share our naive fears and scariest dreams,

To know how imperfectly perfect we are,

And to know it’s okay to be misfits.

Because that’s what everyone else is.

– AestheticGraphy & Accidental Blogger

Hello Everyone!

I’m very happy to share my first ever collaboration poem, Misfits is here.

This free verse poem is…

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