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Feeling sorry for myself, don’t seem to care about anyone else. Need to be alone all the time, don’t think that amounts to a crime. Forgotten how to love someone, don’t think that can be undone. Photo by Dids on Pexels.com


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She is beautifulShe has a sparkle in her eyesShe is kind towards everyone… She can make friends easilyShe will struggle in relationship,But She won’t give up..She makes best plans to keep everyone togetherShe is bold and confidentShe is generous and polite,yet she can be really loud..She deserves much more than…

I Miss You

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I miss being young and climbing trees. I miss having no worries and being free. I miss the time that has gone by. I miss the fun and the blue sky. I miss you telling me what I did wrong. I miss the times when I was strong. I miss…


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Sleep easy my pride and joy, I sometimes forget that you are just a boy. The weight you carry on your shoulders is something I wish I could get hold of. To carry it for you for a while so you might find it fun to be alive. Instead of…

Death’s poem

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You shall see me, Where these horizons meet. Stay here, quite, Please, have a seat. To end your sufferings, I have come a long way. I promise to take your pain Sorrows and all desires away. You have served the sphere, During these days. You still are unaware, Of…